Three Ways to Keep the Rust at Bay

Rust happens

And if your car is unprotected, the damage is permanent. One chip from a small stone or a scrape from a sharp object and you’re exposed.

There is a surefire way to prevent rust from happening, and that is to avoid all the dirt, salt, and debris the wind and road have to offer. This could mean you’d have to stop driving your car altogether, and that’s no fun.

Cars are made of metal and once exposed, metal will rust. But, there is hope. You can stop the spread of rust in its tracks, prevent new rust from forming, and prolong the life of your used car.

Here are 3 helpful tips:
  1. Wash your car once a month. Dirt attracts moisture. Washing your car in winter, spring, summer, and fall helps remove the dirt and other debris that can scratch the paint on the body and underbody of your car.
  2. Keep a safe distance while driving. Avoid close encounters by steering clear of the road warrior in front of you. On both gravel and paved surfaces, a vehicle’s wheels tend to pick up pebbles only to toss them to your unsuspecting car.
  3. Take your car in for a checkup. Plan an occasional visit to your trusted service center. Ask your mechanic to check your car’s underbody and behind the wheel wells. These are special places rust likes to hide, especially after a large snowfall, flood, or severe storm.
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