Do the Right Thing to Clear the Fog and Frost from Your Car


Overnight warm to cold temperatures can invite dew, frost, and fog to an early morning drive. All three conditions can cloud your vision. Technically, fog or frost on the car windshield tells you that the air outside and sometimes inside your car is moist. Preparing your car for the change in weather is critical to your safety as well as the safety of your loved ones. Here are a few tips to help you quickly dry the air, warm your car, and clear your windows for a safe trip.

  • To clear dew: Turn on the windshield wiper and add a little windshield washer to the process. If the windows fog inside, it’s likely from the moisture in your breath or from your shoes. Simply, turn on the defroster to help dry the air in the car.
  • To clear fog: Turn on the defroster soon after you start your car. With most cars the A/C will also turn on. This works to help dry out the air in the car. Avoid using the “recirculate” button since this will only blow around the already moist air in your car.
  • To clear frost: Turn the defroster on high soon after starting your car. Use a plastic scraper to help with the process. If the frost is thin enough, you can use the windshield wipers to start the process.

A little wind on your windshield and a decrease in the humidity in your car will clear the air and your way to work.