Keeping Your Under Body in Tip-Top Shape


You don’t have to know all the parts that make up the underbody of your car. But you do want to have some idea of “what’s what” when something goes wrong. Of course, you should contact your trusted service center right away to handle any major malfunctions. But here is a quick checklist of helpful hints to keep your underbody in tip-top shape.

  • Align your WHEELS. Have your wheels aligned and tires properly inflated. A flat tire is not the only mishap that can occur regarding your wheels. Poor alignment can cause major problems in your car’s movement
  • Polish those RIMS. Your tires are mounted over the rims, which allow your car to rest firmly on the ground. So, don’t ignore the corrosion and scratches. They will soon bring your rims to ruin.
  • Protect your AXLE. The car axle may seem insignificant, but is far from it. Without it, the wheels won’t rotate. If bent or damaged from large rocks, train tracks, or even weather, the car works harder and gets worn out faster. You can take care of your axle simply by remembering that it’s there.
  • Lighten up on your SUSPENSION. Springs, locks, and bushings are just a few of the parts involved in keeping your suspension in good condition. Not loading down your car with heavy boxes helps with elasticity and allows you to get the on-the-road shock absorbency you need.
  • Don’t choke your EXHAUST. Mainly made up of the muffler and tailpipe, the exhaust is how your car burns fuel. If all the parts are secure and in place, the exhaust will keep your and your car’s air clean and free of gases.

Along with this checklist, it’s important to get your underbody looked at seasonally as the performance of your car relies heavily on all of its parts.